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The Pan Guard Pro is exactly the guard you need, at precisely the moment you need it.

Pan Guard Pro's quick-connect mounting system and innovative patented design are engineered to fit perfectly over any sized water heater drain pan lip. The Pan Guard Pro tool withstands forces up to 100-gallon capacity. Our Pan Guard Pro allows installers to save time and energy without the headache of crushing the drain pan or lip of the pan during the installation/removal process of the water heater unit.

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Pan Guard Pro now protects the bottom threshold of any outdoor water heater shed! Often times, water heaters are installed outside in large metal sheds. These sheds have metal thresholds at a ground level that easily bend if contacted by the water heater unit. With its one of a kind, updated design, Pan Guard Pro will now easily fit over any outdoor base threshold to protect and sustain the integrity of the shed, making the installation and/or removal processes THAT much easier.

  • Save Time & Energy

  • Fits On Any Sized Water Heater

  • Easy To Use For Installers

  • Holds Up To 100-Gallon Capacity

  • No More Dissatisfied Customers

  • Prevention Of Crushing Pan

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Often times, it is very difficult to clear the required as per code drain pan when dealing with an extremely heavy water heater unit. While installing the heater, one must lift & completely clear entire drain lip without the slightest interference to properly position & set the unit. Any contact between the heavy heater & fragile pan results in the “crushing” of the pan. This simple but common problem results in an added degree of difficulty for installers each time a new unit must be installed.


According to 2000 IRC – §2801.5 Required pan, pg 393 – “Where water heaters or hot water storage tanks are installed in locations where leakage of the tanks or connections will cause damage, the tank or water heater shall be installed in a galvanized steel pan having a minimum thickness of 24 gages (0.016 inches) (0.4 mm) or other pans approved for such use.”


As installers, the avoidance of crushing water heater pans results in lost time (building mechanisms & wood platforms for several minutes or hours), lost money (buying new pan time after time), aesthetically displeasing work (bent, out of shape pan), & dissatisfied customers. The innovative, simple, patent pending PAN GUARD PRO solves all the time, energy & headache involved in preserving a water heater drain pan during the removal & install processes.

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